Turning Real Estate Dreams Into Reality

Welcome to Z.A.S. Consulting, Inc., your trusted partner for residential and commercial real estate solutions in the vibrant State of Illinois. Nestled in the heart of the Windy City, Chicago, our brokerage is committed to a mission driven by unwavering integrity, a clear vision, and core values that prioritize our clients' needs above all else.

Since our inception in 2015, Z.A.S. Consulting, Inc. has proudly served the Illinois real estate market, guided by the visionary leadership of our founder, Zainab B. Sip. With a wealth of executive leadership experience in both real estate and human resources, our firm is well-equipped to pave a path to success and provide invaluable resources to empower our consultants in assisting and supporting our clients.

While we offer a wide range of residential and commercial real estate consulting services, we take immense pride in our specialization in Probate sales and government contracts. With over 15 years of collective experience in these specialized fields, our expertise serves as a beacon of assurance for clients seeking our services.

At Z.A.S. Consulting, Inc., we stand out as a unique brokerage with a genuine commitment to client-centric services. Our primary focus lies in educating and empowering our clients about the intricate world of real estate. We've harnessed cutting-edge software solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs, placing us in a proactive position to consistently exceed their expectations.

What sets our consultants apart is their coveted probate certifications, a distinction held by only a select group of real estate agents in the industry. We are deeply passionate about providing exceptional consulting services, believing that, one client at a time, it is our responsibility to enlighten and guide them through the complexities of the real estate landscape.

Our Mission

At Z.A.S. Consulting, Inc., our mission is straightforward: to educate and empower each client individually.

Our Vision

To reshape the landscape of real estate services, guaranteeing that every interaction with us results in a lasting and positive impression.

Core Values:

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We operate with the utmost honesty and transparency in every interaction, ensuring that you can trust us to prioritize your best interests.

Immaculate Customer Service isn't just a goal; it's our commitment to you. We understand that real estate transactions can be complex and stressful. That's why we go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional support, guidance, and a seamless experience.

Setting Ourselves Apart

Z.A.S. Consulting, Inc. specializes in probate and commercial real estate services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. As a unique and client-focused brokerage, our commitment to the CETAP principles ensures that your experience with us is truly exceptional. We invite you to discover the difference when you choose Z.A.S. Consulting, Inc. for your real estate needs.

Feel free to reach out to our office for a consultation call. At Z.A.S. Consulting, Inc., we look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to your real estate needs, ensuring a brighter, more informed future for every client we serve.

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We pride ourselves on being more than just real estate agents; we are your dedicated consultants. We're here to provide expert guidance and empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

With extensive experience working with both buyers and sellers, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our team's collective experience ensures that you receive top-notch advice and support throughout your real estate journey.

Trust is the foundation of our business. Our clients trust us because we prioritize honesty, transparency, and their best interests above all else. We're committed to building and maintaining that trust.

We understand the importance of accessibility. Our team is readily available to assist you before, during, and after real estate transactions. Your questions and concerns are always our top priority.

We don't just react to situations; we proactively anticipate and strategize. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that we're always one step ahead, working to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.